I Hope You Fly

I am living with addiction, but I am not the addict.

I am the counterpoint in his story. A melody colliding with his chosen lyrics.

Every addict has at least one of me. A parent, a sibling, a spouse, a friend. The person on the sidelines convinced that, with words of love and encouragement, we can all get through this.

We are The Savers. Wrapped in our comfy version of denial that allows us to believe if we plan enough, beg enough, cry enough, scream enough, we can fix it.

But deep in the corner of our mind, past where the denial lounges, reality resides. And in this place inside ourselves we know the truth. The truth that no amount of tears can wash away.

This is not our fight.

This demon is yours to defeat.

We can stand with you, but we cannot stand for you. We can cheer you on, but we cannot make you fight.

We will give you your wings. It is up to you to decide to fall or fly.

– Alie Dumas-Heidt

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