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    My Week With Covid-19

    So, it finally happened. We went out into the world and brought home Covid. I was in denial for the first 24 hours or so, but Rich’s fever spiked over 102, and I had to give into the idea that we needed to test. After the torture that is the covid test, it took less than two minutes for the dreaded red lines to appear. Even a faint line should be considered a positive result, the instructions said, but there wasn’t anything faint about it. Nothing to question. We had covid.

    I know there’s lots of talk about it being nothing but a cold, but this shit is not like any cold I’ve ever had. I can’t stay awake but I can’t sleep because I don’t feel good. My whole body aches, my head hurts, and my chest is heavy. I’m coughing a lot and I can’t breathe. The one thing no one warned me about though is the fact that I am ornery. I’m so ornery I’m tired of myself! At this point, I’m putting mysefl in a timeout and I’m not trying to do anything at all until I feel like myself again.