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Writing Challenge – What's the Song?

So, the first challenge I’m starting with is number 20 on the list. We’re going to see what’s on my playlist. That’s the challenge. Hit shuffle 3 times on my playlist and see what comes up and what the songs bring to mind.
Here we go…Shuffle one…
About Today by The National. I love this song. That’s the first thought that comes to mind. In fact I might say that out loud if it comes on when I’m with other people. I really do love it. It’s painful and vulnerable, and about a day I think every one of us has had.

‘You just walked away, and I just watched you, what could I say…How close am I to losing you’

It’s a song that hurts my heart a little every time I hear it. The lyrics and the vocals are so perfect and raw. You feel like Matt Berninger is letting you in on a moment he’s living right then. It never gets skipped on the play list.
And now for shuffle two…
Audience of One by Cold War Kids. Awe, this is Xandre’s song. I came to know the Cold War Kids through Alexandre so a lot of their stuff makes me think of him in a way. But this one always makes me think of my oldest. It just brings on the feel of a free spirit finding happiness through their own journey. It’s not one that seems to come up on my play list often but it is one that makes me smile.
And the last one is…
Bananarama! Cruel Summer! Oh, the 80’s. All this one makes me think of is being a preteen. Bananarama, The Bangles, Cindy Lauper – I thought those chicks were sooooo cool. And I’m pretty sure they opened the door for Jem and the Holograms. Oh how I wanted pink and purple punk hair. I can say this is a fun one to sing in the car. When I’m alone.
Well, there you have it. My playlist on shuffle.