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Then and Now

So, last week we started what is going to be a weeks long remodel of our kitchen/dining room/living room. I’ve been anxious about getting it started for month, and I know that the end result is going to be amazing. But right now it’s just kind of a big empty space with some exposed wiring and a hole in the floor.
I’m going to record the progress because I want to be able to look back on the project and remind myself of the work they’re doing on the night a week or two from now when I really miss having a stove to cook on. 🙂
This is the before and as of the weekend. Wish I’d thought to take pics before we started packing….Kitchen 1 kitchen 2 kitchen 3 kitchen 4 kitchen 6 kitchen 6 (1) kitchen now kitchen now 2kitchen now 3kitchen now 4

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