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I Got an Agent Because I Have An Awesome Husband

My husband, Rich, is truly one of the greatest men on the face of the earth. He has a way of pushing me to do things, try things, and finish things, that my sometimes flaky, sometimes fearful brain really needs. And in 2013, when I was frustrated and defeated after receiving a group of rejection letters, Rich did the research and found a writer’s conference to attend in Las Vegas because he insisted it would be worth it. While I sat on the couch and contemplated whether or not I could do a writer’s conference, Rich sat with his laptop and signed me up and booked us a room. And a few days before the trip, when I had my typical meltdown over our impending travel, he let me know with all sorts of certainty that I would be fine and we were most definitely going. And we went.
I’ve put money into this dream, the convention, an editor, a half dozen half filled notebooks, a Chromebook, and packs of Ink Joy pens, and he’s supported me the whole way. When it came time to send the requested full manuscript for review I dragged my feet. I put it off and put it off for days, all out of fear of being rejected again. Rich bought me the printer paper and the mailing envelope while I was at work one day, and hung out with me while I printed the 246 pages. I had read the manuscript so many times that I was sure it was all good. I didn’t even catch the fact that entire lines were missing in the middle of multiple pages, making it so Liz didn’t get to read that Cole gets a warrant for a storage unit after it shows up in financial records. Sorry, Liz! If I’d asked him to look at it, Rich would have been calm enough to notice for me.
Once I got it printed Rich took me to the UPS store and made sure the package was sent out on it’s way. After, when I panicked and cried a little over possible rejection, he oh so lovingly called me a dork, and reminded me that it was going to be fine. And like (almost) always, the guy was right. If he hadn’t booked that trip to Vegas I never would have sat down with Mia Thompson for a 5 page review, and she never would have suggested I meet with her agent, Liz Kracht, and I wouldn’t be reading through page notes tonight from my agent, Liz Kracht, to start my next editing process. I did it all because of the never-ending support from my fantabulous husband. Oh, and did I mention he is an awesome cook and does laundry? He really is the greatest.

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