My Words

A Prayer for the World

I will not say another prayer for this world

I will not. I cannot.

No matter color, creed, or crown

I will not sit silent at your table

I will not kneel with my head bowed

I will not. I cannot.

They say their preacher can speak in tongues

I say I will not hold mine

I will not. I cannot.

They say a prayer will heal us all

I say the time to pray has passed us by

The time to do is now.

When the cries of the suffering are still ringing in our ears

When the scorched trees of our forests are still crumbling at our feet

When hatred’s poison flowers are still blooming in the concrete

I cannot stop to pray

I will not. I cannot.

When I take my seat at your table it will be a show of action

It will be a sign of strength

When I bow my head with you, I will not be alone

The hurt of a million mothers will lead my heart

The wisdom of ancient scholars will carry my mind

And the howl of a warrior will be on my lips

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